DHS Funding Technology To Track Us With Our Cell Phones And Tablets


Janet Napolitano

Big Sis is at it again. The Department of Homeland Security is working on technology to track American citizens using our cell phones and tablets. Of course, they are using our money to fund this project.

The Homeland Security Department has awarded a University of Alabama-Birmingham researcher $583,000 to develop a system for that could be used to track people through their cell phones and mobile devices.

With little fanfare, the university announced the grant to Professor Raghib Hasan from Homeland’s Science and Technology Directorate earlier this month, saying the money will be used to build a “system for verifying the location history and chorological track of cell phones and smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.”

The school explained how the technology being developed could use decentralized monitoring to verify a person’s whereabouts without running afoul of current privacy laws and requirements. (Read More)

Oh no, they would never do anything to invade our privacy. They would never try to take control of our digital data, would they?

Why yes, yes they would.

Our data has long been in private hands.  We have voluntarily given it to all sorts of private entities – including our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and cell phone companies.  And they have handled it with near flawless precision.

Our data must remain in private hands.  Unless the government convinces a judge otherwise on a specific, case by case basis – in which case they are issued a warrant to acquire specific, delineated data.

Because Congress in many areas hasn’t yet addressed the gaping hole of protecting our data from Big Government, we are left exposed and subject to hay-yuge, illegal power grabs.

Like President Barack Obama’s illegal Network Neutrality order.  Which gives the government access to the Internet’s spine – and with it every website there is and all the data contained therein.  And Big Government proponents promise us this is only the beginning: 

“Although we wished the (Net Neutrality order) could have been stronger, we believe that the rules approved by the Commission are a good start….”

Like President Barack Obama’s illegal Cyber Security Executive Order. (Read More)

Where are all of the privacy advocates on the left? These things are okay as long as their guy is doing them?


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