Democrat Senator Says They Won’t Pass A Budget If GOP Doesn’t Raise Taxes Again



Democrats just passed a tax increase, but that isn’t stopping them from demanding more. Nothing is ever enough for their insatiable tax and spend appetite. Now they’re threatening not to pass a budget if the Republicans don’t agree to more tax hikes. So now they’ll have another excuse not to pass a budget, seeing that they haven’t done so in four years.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., indicated that Senate Democrats would renege on their promise to pass the first budget in four years if Republicans did not agree to raise taxes in order to avert the automatic spending cuts mandated by sequestration.

Reed also defended the Senate for refusing to pass a budget since Obamacare passed into law. “We had the Budget Control Act of 2011, which set the caps, which is actually statutory, not just a resolution between the two houses,” he said. (Read More)

The Budget Control Act? What a joke. Spending has been out of control for years, all that did was seal things in at higher rates in perpetuity.