Cuomo Begging For Cash To Fund Agenda From People Like Soros

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo The Tyrant

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo The Tyrant

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been keeping busy begging for cash from rich campaign donors and labor unions to help him push through his agenda. It’s like he’s taken a page right out of the Obama playbook. On the list of those he’s hit up for money is billionaire George Soros.

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Donors are being asked to contribute to the Cuomo-controlled state Democratic Party, which technically is responsible for running the ads, sources said. The fund-raising arrangement is a departure from his first two years as governor, when much of the coin used to push his initiatives came from the Committee to Save New York, a private lobbying group that was not subject to state campaign finance law.

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In recent weeks, Cuomo has approached his traditional donors, public and private sector unions as well as a host of mega-donors and check-writers from the business elite, including uber-rich liberal activists George Soros, Agnes Gund and Bernard Schwartz, sources said.

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Cuomo is said to have directly told Soros and others that he needs the money to promote his 2013-14 budget proposal as well as important policy items.

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The governor, sources said, has also told potential donors he is considering ads to defend his new gun regulations, now increasingly under political attack. Many Republicans, the National Rifle Association and a host of upstate county legislatures are bent on repeal of the gun-reform bill, passed with great fanfare in January. (Read More)

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The tyrant governor has also enlisted the help of some celebrities to support the unconstitutional gun legislation he rammed through the legislature.

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