Company That Survived The Great Depression And Two World Wars Falls To Obama Economy



Oberdorfer Industries, a foundry in Dewitt, NY, survived the Great Depression, two world wars, and the Jimmy Carter presidency. But the Obama economy was just too much to withstand and the company is closing up shop. According to the Syracuse Post Standard, the company’s lawyer Robert Bourke cited the rising costs of raw materials, health care and energy as the reason the company is going out of business in May. 86 workers will lose their jobs, even after the union made some concessions.

The “2008 recession” is the recession that never ends.

The unit which started its operation in late 19th century had been a major producer of cylinder heads and other vital military items. Oberdorfer was the specialized manufacturer of complicated aluminium castings for airplane engines.

The company which survived many recessions in its long run, could not withstand the 2008 recession.

With the disastrous fall of the aviation industry, Oberdorfer lost its main client. The cancellation of bulk orders by the aviation companies were but signals of the tough road ahead. Added to this was the huge increase in raw material costs.

Oberdorfer joins the long list of companies that the Obama economy has taken down.

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