‘Anti-Fossil + Anti-Nuclear = Pro-Blackout’



This video perfectly ties together my post about the frigid anti-Keystone rally in DC with the one about how human beings are getting dumber. I think these people are really bringing down the average. The free market group Center for Industrial Progress showed up for the protest in DC to counter it, and was selling t-shirts that read “Anti-Fossil + Anti-Nuclear = Pro-Blackout” and the greenies agreed wholeheartedly that they are pro-blackout. Absolutely yes!

I am absolutely 100% pro-blackout, pro-population control and I think the sooner we get rid of this, the sooner we get rid of roads, the sooner we get rid of cars, the better this planet will be.

This guy explained in one long run-on sentence the environmentalists’ plans for us. Unfortunately, these people vote and they have friends in very high places.