Another Young Woman Dies At The Hands Of A Late Term Abortionist



This is such a sad, tragic story. A young kindergarten teacher was pregnant with a baby she wanted, and had even given a name. But then well into her pregnancy there was some abnormality found with her little girl so she opted for a late-term abortion. I have no idea what the abnormality was that was found to make such a monumental decision. But that’s not the point.

This woman lived in the state of New York with her husband,but traveled to Maryland for the procedure because there are so few doctors out there willing to perform these ghoulish procedures.  Things didn’t end well for this young woman, her baby, or her family. Unfortunately, she died at the hands of Dr. Leroy Carhart, and she wasn’t the first.

Carhart’s Germantown Reproductive Health clinic provides women “reproductive health” in roughly the same sense that Auschwitz and Buchenwald were “Jewish community centers.”

The euphemistic name of Carhart’s Maryland clinic is a lie, an attempt to conceal the bloody truth: LeRoy Carhart kills babies for a living.

If it weren’t for pro-life activists who keep constant vigil at this facility, we might not even know about [*Name redacted]’s painful death: …

Read the whole thing. I weep for this woman and her family, as well as the other victims of men like Carhart who is also known as “Dr. Death.” The saddest part is that Democrats and their supporters lead women to believe that abortion, even late-term abortion, is a simple, safe outpatient procedure. As usual, they lie, with deadly consequences.

*Please don’t judge this woman. We don’t know what caused her to make this decision. I’m assuming that had she and her husband had not been made aware of the risks involved, and were counseled into believing they were doing the right thing. Unfortunately, in these situations, there really is no easy way out. This family found out the hard way – there’s now no baby, and no mother or wife. It’s tragic all around.

Update: I ca’t help but think about a young boy we see at some of our boys’ wrestling tournaments. My kids haven’t wrestled him because one is in a different age group, and the other is in a different weight class. I have to say I’m glad because this kid has spunk and he’s a great little wrestler. And he only has one arm. I don’t know how he lost his other arm, from the looks of it I think maybe he was born without it.  If that’s the case I wonder what his mother went through, looking at images of her unborn baby missing a limb. Then I thank God that the Leroy Carhart’s of the world didn’t get their hands on her. That boy is thriving, and in the case of wrestling his disability may actually be an asset because it throws his opponents off their game. His parents did good by picking that sport. Good for them.