About Those Spending Cuts


Obama Cuts

Nick Gillespie put together this short video to let you know about the “sequester” and those scary cuts the Democrats keep warning us about.

– The cuts are tiny compared to the overall federal budget.

– They don’t really cut spending. Spending will still be higher.

– The Pentagon’s budget has doubled over the past decade, so cutting a small percentage from its budget won’t be the end of the world.

– Some of the programs being cut don’t even exist anymore.

– This was all Obama’s idea in the first place.

This is just another manufactured crisis which isn’t even a crisis. It’s a farce.

Bonus video: Steny Hoyer said that yes, they could use the proverbial scalpel and cut $85 billion from the budget, but then Obama went out and said there is no smart way to cut the budget. They’re both democrats, so who is telling the truth?