A Red State Model? Yes, Please!


Some of us languishing in blue states with high tax rates can only dream of living in a red state. We know those red states are out there, but for some of us they’re just out of reach. We’d love nothing more than those governors  taking their red-state-model to the national level. No, Chris Christy’s New Jersey is not what I have in mind. Sam Brownback’s Kansas is more like it:

Even if he doesn’t enter the race himself, this state’s Republican governor, Sam Brownback, is determined to play a starring role in the next presidential election.

How? By turning Kansas into what he calls Exhibit A for how sharp cuts in taxes and government spending can generate jobs, wean residents off public aid and spur economic growth.

“My focus is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See, we’ve got a different way, and it works,’ ” Mr. Brownback said in a recent interview. ….

The focus on fiscal innovations in the heartland comes as conservatives nationally seek ways to revive the GOP’s standing in the aftermath of its stinging election losses last year. Bruised by the continuing budget battles in Washington, where divided government has led to near-gridlock, top Republicans nationally are holding up Kansas and other GOP-dominated states as examples of what the party might accomplish if left to its own devices.

Read the whole thing. I wish Governor Brownback, and other Republican governors the best of luck in spreading their red state message. My gut tells me it’s going to be an uphill battle getting their message out there with the corrupt media we have today. Yeah, even in this rotten economy. Isn’t that just a kick in the gut?