1400 Days Since The Democrats Passed A Budget


Democrats Budget

We’ve hit another milestone under the leadership of President Obama and Harry Reid. It’s been four years since they passed a budget. But the debt has continued to rise every day since they last passed a budget. If you failed to do your job for four years would you be able to keep your job? If they had been doing their job these past four years, there wouldn’t be any sequestration to talk about.

Speaking of sequestration, Republicans are still coming up with plans to cut spending in a more flexible manner. They’re even talking about relinquishing the control of the cuts to the president, as long as he comes up with cuts in spending equal to the $85 billion in the sequester. But of course, he’s against that because he doesn’t want to cut spending at all, and if he does cut spending he wants to cut things that will be visible and outrageous so he can continue his demagoguery and destruction of the Republican Party. That’s why the White House proposed and he signed this thing into law in the first place. He wanted to use it as a stick to beat them with. Heaven forbid he cut the billions he’s giving to his green energy cronies, or sending to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Why cut any of that when they can manufacture one crisis after another to gin up controversy?

Bob Woodward is right, this is madness.