Yeah, New York Pretty Much Stinks


Photo Credit: Times Union

New York Democrats are touting how they’re ramming through the strictest gun control legislation in the United States. Forget towns like Ilion and the people who work for Remington Arms, those New Yorkers don’t count. Neither do all of the law abiding citizens that will now be considered felons unless they jump through bureaucratic hoops. Anything to keep people from thinking about the economy or the productive citizens who are fleeing this state in droves.

Anyway, I found this open letter to “Andrew the Pius” at iOTW and thought I’d share it with you. If you live in another state, thank your lucky stars. Well, at least for the time being.

Dear Andrew the Pius:
I know that hollering about guns makes for good TV, but it doesn’t exactly improve the state of the State or in any way advance a pro-business, pro-economic growth agenda for the State of New York. But good theater aside, I pulled out my copy of the US Constitution and for the life of me, I cannot find the “deer hunting” clause of the Second Amendment. Perhaps I need a law degree like you to parse the wording in order to decode its meaning enough to see the “deer hunting” clause of the Second Amendment. Because on its face, the Second Amendment says nothing about hunting of any kind.

As we enter a new exciting phase in the State’s long, storied history, this the “Near Bankrupt Phase,” I am surprised at how little your State of the State Address seemed to care about the fact that businesses in New York are doing one of three things – relocating to more business-friendly states, downsizing the number of people employed in order to avoid the onerous costs of Obamacare, or just going out of business in general.

New York State has more people per capita on public assistance than it does people who pay the taxes to finance public assistance. This makes this state a grim place to invest.

Read the whole thing. Then read the lame response the writer received from Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli, who at least sent a response, which is better than Senator Dave Valesky can say. Valesky was my state senator before redistricting. I can’t say I’m disappointed that he no longer “represents” me.