White House Petition Demands Biden Apologize To Women After Senate Swearing In Ceremony


A new petition has hit the White House demanding that Vice President Joe Biden apologize to women for his antics at the Senate swearing in ceremony. The petition was started by  “Women You Should Know” of New York, and reads in part:

As the man who holds the second highest office in the United States, citizens should expect that as Vice President, you serve as an example of the very best that America is. By your overt objectification of women during yesterday’s ceremony you failed us all.

The images and soundbites captured by the national news media showing you caressing women’s faces, appearing to ogle others and making audible, inappropriate comments were not only offensive and deplorable, but certainly not behavior fitting of someone in your esteemed position. (Read More)

Biden really did make quite a spectacle of himself. It was appalling. Via Fox Nation, here’s the video.