We’re All Talking About Gun Control, But Obama’s Working On Immigration Reform


President Obama sent Vice President Biden to run some sham of a gun control commission so they could come back with “reforms” they’ve had in the pipeline forever. But don’t think gun control is the only thing on Obama’s mind. He wants to raise the debt limit and keep on spending like there’s no tomorrow. And he wants to push through his immigration amnesty agenda.

Among the second term’s top-tier issues, immigration may be the one in which Obama enjoys the most leverage. That’s a dramatic change from his first term, when it was relegated to the background.

The White House is hinting at a comprehensive bill this year that would include a path toward citizenship for millions of immigrants now in the country illegally.

Many Republicans, stung by heavy losses among Hispanic voters in the last two presidential elections, say they also want to revamp the nation’s immigration laws. But a sweeping bill with citizenship provisions is bound to draw some conservative fire. If Obama goes big, it could put GOP leaders in a bind.

A CBS News poll last month found that 47 percent of adults felt illegal immigrants working in the U.S. should be allowed to remain and eventually apply for citizenship. An additional 24 percent said they should be allowed to stay as guest workers.

The levels of support were higher than a CBS poll found 15 months earlier.

Such findings, coupled with Latino voters’ rejection of Republican candidates in 2008 and 2012, could enable Obama to drive a hard bargain on immigration if he chooses. (Read More)

Unfortunately, too many Republicans are more worried about the next election (even though Latinos consistently vote Democrat) than they are about doing the right thing.