Unreal – John Kerry Says US Needs To Get Fiscal House In Order


John Kerry’s confirmation hearing has started and he had the nerve to say that the US needs to get its fiscal house in order.

Sen. John Kerry, President Barack Obama’s nominee for secretary of state, said Thursday that the United States must get its fiscal house in order to lead worldwide, as lawmakers signaled his confirmation was a foregone conclusion.

‘More than ever, foreign policy is economic policy,’ Kerry said in prepared testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (Read More)

This guy has been a senator for years, he’s part of the majority party that hasn’t passed a budget in almost four years and he’s lecturing about getting our fiscal house in order?!? But even without a budget they’ve managed to run up the debt to $16.4 trillion. Is he freaking kidding? Unreal.

Oh, and he also can’t wait to implement Obama’s vision for the world.