They Say Conservatives Have All The Money And Clout?


It’s laughable hearing liberals claim that conservatives are the ones with all the money and clout. When is the last time you heard something like this about a conservative website or network?

 If a dismally unsuccessful news outfit is worth $500 million just to get their slot on cable TV, how does that extrapolate in terms of assessing the value of other media entities? When the Huffington Post was sold to AOL in February 2011, I thought the reported $315 million sale price was absurdly high for an outfit that, whatever its ranking or market share, had never made a profit. But now comes this startling estimate: …

Forty-six million dollars of investment capital? For a Web site? An estimated value of $200 million? Excuse my extreme incredulity, but if they are so gosh-darn successful — “expected” revenue and all that – why did they need to raise another $19 million from investors, eh? (Read More)

Good thing I’m not in this for the money, even though money would be nice.