The Economy Of The Left – Who Says Being Useless Isn’t Lucrative?


Al Gore – Useless But Still Quite Wealthy

The left might be ruining the economy and the lives of everybody else in their wake, but for the activists on their side being useless and destructive can be pretty lucrative. As Captain Capitalism noted, in the activist economy there is no production. They don’t create goods and services that individuals are willing to pay for because of the value they add to their lives. No, they suck up capital from the wealthy true believers while trying to dupe the uninformed. Then there are the Al Gores of the world, who take things to a much bigger, and much more lucrative level.

There are idealists who sell out and become hollow men, and there are hollow men who pretend to be idealists. Gore is a hollow man selling someone else’s alarmist hollow earth theory so he can make it to the next stage of a career that has no meaning or purpose. Like most professional idealists, Al Gore cares for nothing except money. Having sold out so many times, his only idea is to keep doing it again and again.

The professional idealist is a hollow man. A soulless man who is tasked with convincing everyone of the existence of the thing that he does not have. The left has created an endless number of professional openings for such soulless men, for paid liars and faithless tricksters, who live only to convince the world that they believe just long enough for them to sell out one more time.

Read the whole thing. Leftism is an industry in itself. Just like politics. Tonight I told Mr. LC to throw the political signs from the last campaign in the back of his truck to take to the dump. No political campaign really creates anything of value. They do generate signs, bumper stickers and temporary jobs, but then it all ends up in the garbage – which is exactly where everything the left comes up with should be sent. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen because they don’t believe in the rule of law and the republicans are too scared to take them on.

Perhaps if the left didn’t own the education, news and entertainment industries these lazy charlatans would actually have to be productive for a living.