Stupid New York Gun Control Website Gets Everything Wrong!


Don’t go to the NY SAFE website for clarification on which of your guns are outlawed and which are legal. They pretty much got it all wrong. Idiots.

In 30 pictures describing “pistols that are not assault weapons,” the NY SAFE web site incorrectly identifies 6 of 30 handguns presented by name, and 16 of 30 by type. …

… and we’re supposed to take them seriously? It would be laughable, other than the fact that if you mistake the NY SAFE Act web site a being a competent guide, you could end up in prison for violating the NY SAFE Act since the Web site and the actual law have very little in common.

You don’t have to be ignorant, opportunistic, clueless and vicious to go into politics in New York, but it sure helps.

No wonder so many New Yorkers are expected to ignore NY SAFE. It’s a law, passed by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing other than a desire to meddle in things they clearly do not understand.

Read the whole thing.

I doubt we’ll be hearing about this on the local news here where I live. Good grief, what a state.

Via Doug Ross