Special Assistance For Employees Of Failed Government Funded Solar Company


If you lost your job due to the lousy economy created by the Democrats you’re probably happy to be receiving unemployment benefits while looking for a new job. But if you’re part of their protected class, they have even more taxpayer funded goodies for you. Just look at what we the taxpayers are doing for the former employees of the failed government sponsored Evergreen Solar.

A bankrupt Massachusetts solar company that received more than $30 million in state funds continues to cost taxpayers money in the form of special unemployment assistance from the Department of Labor, according to a Wednesday press release.

Labor announced a $408,403 National Emergency Grant increment for continued assistance to roughly 320 workers affected by the 2011 closure of Evergreen Solar Inc.

This latest block of aid brings the total funds awarded for the project to $738,179.

“The former workers of Evergreen Solar continue to face significant obstacles in finding good jobs in their region,” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said in a statement. “This funding will make it possible for these workers to receive training and reemployment services to help them find good jobs.”

Read the whole thing. It looks like Hilda Solis didn’t resign in time to save the taxpayers a few hundred thousand bucks on this deal.

(If only I was good at photoshop I could have dropped a Santa hat on Obama’s head and he could be the Solar Santa.)

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