Son Of Member Of Biden’s Gun Commission Convicted Of Plotting Columbine Style School Attack


Thomas Nee, pictured between AG Eric Holder and VP Joe Biden

Hmm. Maybe the national media has picked up on this and I missed it, but I found it at Nice Deb’s site. One of the members of Joe Biden’s gun commission has a son who was convicted of plotting to commit a “Columbine-style” mass murder at a Massachusetts school.

Sipsey Street has learned that a key member of the President’s committee to find “the solution” to school shootings, has a son who was convicted of plotting a Columbine-style school massacre — possibly with a service pistol obtained from his father. Nee is the former head of the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association and is currently the head of the National Association of Police Organizations. In short, says one source familiar with the notoriously anti-firearm Nee, “he is a political hack/thug/activist who happens to carry a badge.”

Sources point out that not mentioned in state-run media accounts of the Biden comission is that Thomas Nee’s son was arrested and convicted for plotting a Columbine-style attack on Marshfield High School in Massachusetts. Additionally, says one source, “Joseph Nee might have armed himself at one point with his father’s service pistol though that story went off the radar.”

This source continued, “As usual, the ‘solution’ will be the attempted theft of freedoms from the innocent while the root causes of these evil shootings, especially dysfunctional parents will be ignored.”There are a ton of links out there re this story, here are a few.

Boston police eye alleged Marshfield plot suspect: Will investigate report that youth had service gun (Read More)

For those who say Nee should be on the commission because he’s an expert on the subject, go see Nice Deb’s post.