Senator Dianne Fienstein Announces Gun Grab Legislation


This morning Senator Dianne Feinstein, along with all of her props (human and otherwise), announced her newest gun grab legislation, which she probably just pulled off her shelf and blew off the dust before giving it a new name. So what if she had to break multiple laws to display her gun props? She was trying to make a point, and unlike David Gregory she had permission. She even called in the clergy to open with a prayer. Something tells me the left won’t be screeching about the separation between the church and the state.

Via TownHall, here’s video from the press conference.

Shortly after Feinstein’s announcement the local news was on and they reported that a long time high school baseball coach was shot in the face by armed robbers. What they didn’t include in the report was that this gun crime occurred “despite the fact that the New York legislature rammed through, and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law, a sweeping gun control bill.” That language should be included in every report of gun violence in New York state from now on.

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