Sen. Gillibrand Wants $210 Million To Weatherize Upstate NY Homes


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)  thinks it’s unfair that people have to make choices when dealing with their personal budgets. To make things more fair, she wants $210 million federal dollars to hand out to upstate New Yorkers to weatherize their homes.

Weatherizing your home could save you hundreds of dollars a year. That’s why NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is asking for $210-million to support weatherization programs.

Hundreds of low income families count on weatherization assistance programs to make upgrades and save money, but without continued financial support from Washington, those programs and the people who rely on them, could be in trouble.

“In the winter months when it gets cold, families have to choose from heating homes, having food, medicines, everything they need for their kids and we think those choices are just unfair,” said Senator Gillibrand.

Washington lawmakers were in town on Friday and promised to fight for funding on Capitol Hill. (Read More)

We need to weatherize her head, apparently there’s a lot of air getting in there. Dan Maffei was with her, blathering about how this government spending helps the economy. That’s his answer to everything.

The article goes on to note that the federal weatherization station in East Syracuse has already trained 1,000 people to weatherize homes. What it doesn’t say is how many of those 1.000 found jobs. It also says there are 800 people on the waiting list, so there are more people trained to weatherize than needing weatherization. Doing the math, the $210,000,000 Gillibrand is demanding comes to $262,500 per person on the list waiting for weatherization. In this area you could buy a pretty nice brand new home for that kind of money. But then they’d need help paying their property taxes.