Reagan’s Boyhood Home Destined To Be Obama Library Parking Lot?


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Former President Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home located at 832 E. 57th Street in Chicago is set for demolition after the property was denied landmark status. They want to turn it into a parking lot, and it could become a parking lot for the future Obama presidential library.

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A “plaque” could mark the historic spot instead, say university representatives.

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In January, Reagan’s home was granted a last minute stay of execution by the City of Chicago, at least for now. But the clock is ticking and it could be 90 days or less before demolition begins.

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While the university is planning to kill Reagan’s home, University of Chicago is also aggressively lobbying to be the site of President Barack Obama’s presidential library.

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Could the Reagan site become a parking lot for Obama’s library? Opponents of the demolition say yes.

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There is good reason for them to be suspicious.

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First Lady Michelle Obama and the president’s close advisor Valerie Jarrett are former top executives of the University of Chicago Medical Center. President Obama was a lecturer at the law school for twelve years. And let’s not forget, Obama’s Hyde Park home is here too.

This is still Chicago. Barack Obama’s Chicago. Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. (Read More)

Obama is working hard to undo all of the good that Ronald Reagan did, and no doubt destroying the home where the great man grew up will just be icing on his progressive cake.