Preview Of Obama’s Second Term: Imperialism, Demonization And Petulance


President Obama’s last press conference of his first term gives us a pretty good preview of what his second term is going to look like. In a nutshell, it’s going to be ugly. Very ugly – from his view that he’s an imperialist who can impose his will on the people, to the demonization of anyone who disagrees with him and the petulance he displays when asked tough questions.

Here are a few spot-on analyses of what happened earlier today.

Rush Limbaugh:

The only remaining serious opposition to what’s happening in the country today resides in the minds and hearts of conservatives.  Nowhere else is there any opposition to this.  And, therefore, it is the conservatives, wherever they are found, who are the objectives.  Eliminating them, reducing their numbers, depressing them, dispiriting them, getting them out of office, humiliating, embarrassing them, caricaturing them, character assassination, whatever it takes.  The primary focus is to make sure that whenever a conservative speaks, everybody laughs at him.  Whenever a conservative speaks, the reaction, “Oh, listen to that extremist.”  Whenever a conservative says anything, “Ah, listen to that racist, that sexist, that bigot.”  It’s been set up for quite a while, but there is a real full-court press on this now.

That’s what was happening here in Obama’s presser, the debt limit, he was blaming the Republicans, and he means conservatives for this, but he’ll get rid of the Republican Party, too.  The one thing the Republican moderates don’t get is who this guy is.  The Republican moderates are really, sadly, a clueless bunch. I don’t think they have the slightest idea of what is happening and what’s not just headed their way, but has hit them already.  They don’t see it because they, too, are focused on eliminating as much conservative influence in the party as Obama is.

Mark Levin:

 I’m not into imperial presidents who act imperial and speak imperial and Obama forgets there’s a Constitution. Yes, he keeps telling us he won reelection. Congratulations, but guess what? The Constitution wasn’t up for election, it’s not up for a referendum. He has to comply with it, too.

He was sent back to Washington, but he’s got a strict list of rules that he has to follow as president. When he gets up there and starts saying, if Congress doesn’t do this, I’m going to do this unilaterally, it violates separation of power a lot of the times. And this is a man pushing the edge of the envelope as far as i’m concerned, whether it’s the appointment clause, whether it’s his unilateral action on immigration, whether it’s trashing the commerce clause and the tax clauses under Obamacare. Now they’re talking about executive orders on the Second Amendment. They’ve issued regulations on First Amendment attacking religious liberty. This notion that he might be able to lift the debt ceiling, you know, unilaterally under the Fourteenth Amendment.

What the hell is this? He was elected president. Congratulations. This guy makes Richard Nixon look like a man who followed the law all the time.

The Wall Street Journal:

Here’s the rest in full: “They have a particular vision about what government should and should not do. So they are suspicious about government’s commitments, for example, to make sure that seniors have decent health care as they get older. They have suspicions about Social Security. They have suspicions about whether government should make sure that kids in poverty are getting enough to eat, or whether we should be spending money on medical research. So they’ve got a particular view of what government should do and should be.”

The next time Mr. Obama holds a press conference, somebody should ask him to identify by name those who want to repeal Social Security, steal food from orphans and cancel science funding. We’d like to meet these Visigoths. Otherwise, if the fiscal negotiations are going nowhere, perhaps it is because the President simply won’t make an honest argument.

Even Kirsten Powers weighed in, calling his appearance “petulant” for claiming those who disagree with him want children to starve. And WaPo’s Dana Milbank slammed his lack of civility.

“I’m a pretty friendly guy,” President Obama said near the end of his White House news conference Monday afternoon.

The claim might have been a touch more plausible if he hadn’t spent the bulk of the previous hour demonstrating just how adversarial he could be. Indeed, there was no precipitating event that led him to schedule the last-minute session in the East Room — lending credibility to the theory that he summoned reporters so he could bait Republicans.

“If congressional Republicans refuse to pay America’s bills on time, Social Security checks and veterans benefits will be delayed,” the friendly president said, explaining his refusal to negotiate over increasing the debt limit.

That’s right, he didn’t call this press conference to offer a single solution. It was done only to use the bully pulpit to demonize anyone who is standing in his way. It was despicable, and we have four more years of this to look forward to.