Obama’s Labor Secretary Says Extended Unemployment Benefits Saves Millions Of Jobs


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And we wonder why the economy has been so sluggish with mental giants like Hilda Solis out there shaping economic policy. After this morning’s dismal jobs report, Obama’s labor secretary appeared on CNBC and claimed that extending unemployment benefits has saved millions of jobs. Good grief, people take her seriously! How does paying more people not to work save jobs?

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So, to sum up, paying people not to work, saved millions and millions of jobs? Indeed America, indeed.

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Must Watch from 3:00 onwards, she stumbles and shakes her head when pushed on the question of how many jobs we lost due to fiscal cliff uncertainty (no idea – none she believes) and then the money-shot on the unemployed and saving millions of small business jobs…

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Thank God for online video, without it Solis would be like the tree that falls in the forest with nobody around to witness it. Some things you have to see and hear to believe. So here she is in all of her glory:

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H/T Gateway Pundit

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