Obama’s EPA Says No Law Can Stop It From Conducting Poisonous Experiments On Americans


The Environmental Protection Agency is being sued for conducting poisonous and dangerous experiments on Americans. Most of the subjects are poor and they include the elderly, children and sick people. They expose these test subjects to high levels of what the agency classifies as dangerous matter that can cause instant death. They also claim that there is no law preventing them from continuing their “research.”

That astounding assertion will be tested Friday, when a federal district court in Alexandria decides whether it has jurisdiction to hear claims made by the American Tradition Institute that EPA researchers are exposing unwary and genetically susceptible senior citizens to air pollutants the agency says can cause a variety of serious cardiac and respiratory problems, including sudden death.

Although the lawsuit only addresses ongoing, purportedly illegal experimentation being carried out at an EPA laboratory on the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, EPA researchers and grantees have carried out dozens of similarly shocking experiments over the past 10 years at UNC and other schools, including Rutgers University, the University of Michigan, University of Rochester, University of Southern California and University of Washington.

During that time at those university laboratories, EPA-employed or -funded researchers have intentionally exposed a variety of people to concentrated levels of different air pollutants, including particulate matter (soot and dust), diesel exhaust, ozone and chlorine gas — the latter substance more recognized as a World War I-era chemical weapon than as an outdoor air pollutant.

Over the same period that the experiments in question have been conducted, the EPA has become more and more alarmist in communications to Congress and the public about danger the air pollutants pose to individuals even at commonplace, non-concentrated levels. The EPA has determined, for example, that any exposure to fine particulate matter can cause death within hours or days of inhalation. EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, moreover, has testified in Congress that particulate matter causes about 1 of every 4 deaths in America.

 Read the whole thing. Maybe this has something to do with Lisa Jackson’s abrupt decision to resign, and the rumor about the Keystone pipeline is just another distraction.

I hope the discovery process in this lawsuit included subpoenas of the email account for Richard Windsor, Jackson’s email alter ego.