Obama’s America – 1 In 4 Children On Food Stamps


Welcome to Obama’s America! Who needs dads when we have the all powerful state to feed the kids? One quarter of American children are now recipients of food stamps. Or should I say, SNAP? Whatever you want to call it, this dramatic increase happened in Obama’s first term. Just wait until he’s had four more years to inflict his will on the dumbed down populace.

The USDA’s “Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2011” shows that in 2011, 19.9 million children, or people under 18, received food stamp benefits.

The Census estimates there were 73.9 million children living in the United States in 2011, meaning that 26.9 percent of children, or approximately one in four, were on food stamps in 2011.

The USDA notes that children constituted 45 percent of SNAP participants in 2011. Some philanthropists and policy experts believe efforts to reform SNAP because of high youth enrollment are misguided, arguing that the program ultimately helps the economy and improve kids’ health.

But Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions — one of the most vocal critics of the recent skyrocketing SNAP enrollment numbers and USDA’s promotion of the benefit — contends that something must be done about government policies and a USDA that he says is more interested in enrolling Americans in the program than finding real solutions. (Read More)

This is no surprise. It’s all part of the Cloward-Piven strategy many of us warned about in 2008. Not enough people were listening. Or maybe the leeches were paying attention and decided they would take a gamble on getting something for nothing.

Ironically, all of the children on food stamps today will somehow be paying for that in the future. So sad.