Obamacare To Drive Up Health Costs For Young Adults


When the Democrats designed Obamacare they made sure the worst of it wouldn’t hit until after the 2012 election. They knew that if people realized what they had done to them it would hurt President Obama’s reelection chances. Now we’re going to start to really feel the nasty effects of the law, young Americans could be hardest hit.

A new study predicts that health premiums could increase as much as 40 percent for young adults once Obamacare goes into effect in 2014.

The concern, according to a study published in “Contingencies” magazine, is that an influx of relatively healthy people will tip the balance away from those with immediate health needs, which will drive up the cost for individuals between the ages of 21 and 29, The Hill reports.

“This means that close to 4 million uninsured individuals . . . can expect to pay more out of pocket for single coverage than they otherwise would, even given the availability of premium assistance,” the study’s authors wrote. (Read More)

Via Fox Nation