#ObamaAccomplishments Comes Up Empty – Update – Not Anymore


On Twitter, the hashtag #ObamaAccomplishments comes up empty on the day of his second swearing in, the day he has now officially inherited all of the nation’s problems from himself. Maybe people are waiting for the unofficial swearing in before tweeting about his many accomplishments. I suppose we could all change that. He has had quite a few historic firsts – like being the first to have our credit downgraded.

So, what Obama Accomplishments can you think of? Presiding over a massive increase in the national debt is certainly an accomplishment. So is getting record numbers of Americans to enroll in food stamps. As we “celebrate” the second coming of Barack Hussein Obama, what do you, dear readers, believe to be the most notable accomplishments of Obama’s first term?

Update: I’ve been doing my part to bring the #ObamaAccomplishments hashtag to life! Join the fun on twitter, or in the comments below.

Update 2: There have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of twitter posts with this hashtag since I did this post. Twitter has now cut me off from posting any more tweets for “a few hours,” so I am unable to respond to the Obamabots who have picked up on it. So I’ve blocked them. What’s a girl to do? Anyway, follow me on twitter.