Obama Uses Newtown Massacre For Fundraising


Just when you thought they couldn’t slink any lower, President Obama’s new “non-profit” perpetual campaign organization is using the Newtown massacre in a fundraising plea.

Organizing for Action, the newly formed “grassroots” group that will help President Obama try to promote and pass his agenda, today sent out a fundraising and membership-building email that cites the Newtown massacre as a reason to “pull together” behind the president.

The email, which was sent out under Vice President Joe Biden’s name and is signed by him, includes a link to a page on the Organizing for Action website that asks people to provide their email address. The page has a separate link that takes viewers to another area of the website where they can donate.

In the message, Biden talks about Obama’s gun control agenda, and then he tugs at the heart strings: (Read More)

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