Obama Shill Anna Wintour’s Boyfriend Owes Millions In Back Taxes


This is so very typical of the progressive shills who are out to destroy this republic.

According to a report last week at PuffHo, Anna Wintour “is the editor of Vogue and the role model for the character played by Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. She is a citizen of the United Kingdom as well as the United States so it may not be clear which government she is serving. But she is one of the President’s biggest bundlers.” But according toNew York Magazine, she’s no long being considered for the [US ambassador] post, and I’ve heard little about it lately, so who knows? She and her boyfriend are certainly members in good standing of Washington’s permanent political class. Although a wee bit of boyfriend back taxes might have been an indelicate subject at Wintour’s confirmation hearings.  See Telegraph UK, “Anna Wintour’s boyfriend ‘owes US government $1.2 million in taxes’“: (Read More)

Something tells me old Anna won’t be making any snappy videos about the $1.2 million her boy toy owes to the government. What a jerk.

On the bright side, at least that pompous old snot won’t be a US ambassador. All she has now to show for her grand Obama shill is a silly little scarf. So there’s that. Priceless!