Obama Has Some Nerve Lecturing About The Debt Ceiling From His Vacation In Hawaii


President Obama delivered his weekly video address from his plush Hawaiian vacation. This vacation, like all of the others, is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, yet he has the nerve to lecture about the debt ceiling. If he was a Republican the press would be hammering him for this, but as usual he gets a pass.

Obama — speaking from Hawaii, where he is on vacation with his family — said he is willing to consider more spending cuts and tax increases to reduce the deficit.

But he said he “will not compromise” over his insistence that Congress lift the federal debt ceiling. The nation’s credit rating was downgraded the last time lawmakers threatened inaction on the debt ceiling, in 2011.

“Our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again,” Obama said. (Read More)

Our families and businesses cannot afford his lavish vacations. Why couldn’t he have gone to Florida at a fraction of the cost?

Nile Gardiner tore into him for his lack of regard for the middle class, whose taxes he just increased.

According to Koffler, “the total cost to taxpayers of Obama’s vacations to Hawaii since becoming president is likely in excess of $20 million, and possibly much, much more.”

The message this sends is one of sheer contempt for the American taxpayer. $7 million may be viewed by the White House as a drop in the ocean compared to the overall size of America’s federal debt, but it is the principle that counts. The vast majority of American people simply couldn’t afford the kind of vacation enjoyed by the US president, not least at a time when 12.2 million Americans are still out of work.

For most of America’s embattled middle class, who, unlike the president have already returned to work, this kind of luxury is simply unimaginable in the current economic climate. And they’ve just been hit hard with a significant rise in their payroll taxes due to the expiration of the Social Security tax break. According to the Tax Policy Center, 77 percent of US households will now be paying more in federal taxes following this week’s fiscal cliff deal.

Barack Obama benefits from a largely deferential liberal press in the United States which rarely questions his opulence in office. It would be unthinkable for the British prime minister to act in the same manner. If David Cameron flew off to Hawaii and billed the British public £5 million for his Christmas vacation, he would be out of a job. (Read More)

Don’t expect Obama to get any better in the next few years. He’s won reelection, so now he’s free to really go out there and show his true colors, as Charles Krauthammer noted:

Now he’s won. The old Obama is back. He must not be underestimated. He has deftly leveraged his class-war-themed election victory (a) to secure a source of funding (albeit still small) for the bloated welfare state, (b) to carry out an admirably candid bit of income redistribution, and (c) to fracture the one remaining institutional obstacle to the rest of his ideological agenda.

Not bad for two months’ work. (Read More)

He hasn’t even worked for the past two months. He returned to Washington from vacation for a few days, but ended up outsourcing negotiations to Joe Biden before jetting back to Hawaii and signing the fiscal cliff bill with his autopen.

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