Obama Admin Imposed Over $200 Billion In Regulations Last Year


According to a new report, the Obama administration imposed $216 billion in regulations on the American economy last year. Is it any wonder the economy has been so sluggish and that people can’t find jobs?

The Obama administration issued $236 billion worth of new regulations last year, according to a report from a conservative think tank.

The analysis from the American Action Forum, led by former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, found that the administration added $216 billion in rules and $21 billion in regulatory proposals in 2012. Complying with those rules will require an additional 87 million hours of paperwork, the report said.

The group put the total price tag from regulations during Obama’s first term at more than $518 billion.

Read the whole thing, the EPA was the worst offender, but Obamacare and Dodd Frank also added to the burden.