NYT Gushes Over Marxist Mag


Current events may have forced The New York Times to report that the Arab Spring isn’t going so well, but that doesn’t mean you should run out and pay for a subscription. If you do, you’ll be forced to endure articles gushing about Marxist magazines.

When I saw the headline (“A Young Publisher Takes Marx Into the Mainstream“) at MediaGazer, it got my attention because, of course, Marxism is the deadliest idea in human history. Marxist-Leninist regimes killed 100 million of their own citizens in the 20th century but, hey, let’s assign a cheerful human-interest story about this young idiot who thinks it’s hip and cool to revive a discredited ideology.

It’s “an improbable hit” with “250,000 Web hits a month”? Guess that makes me “an improbable hit,” too, but I haven’t had any interview requests from Jenny Schuessler yet. Ace of Spades HQ has had more than 190 million visitors to date and, last time I checked, they were averaging something like 300,000 Web hits daily. However, for some reason Ace doesn’t get glowing coverage in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and if New York publishers have been eagerly thrusting book contracts at him, Ace has been suspiciously quiet about it.

Almost like there’s a bias or something, y’know?

Read the whole thing. Nothing like a major news outlet promoting an ideology that’s responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocents. Fantastic. But hey, maybe they can do some good – they could turn the Obamavilles into Potemkin villages where they can all gush over all of the progress that’s been made in the past four years.