New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Wants The Kids In School Longer


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants our children in school longer. He’s looking to lengthen the school day and the school year. He also wants the pre-schoolers full time. I guess he doesn’t think the state has enough control over the children already.

A commission tasked with finding ways to improve New York’s public school system on Wednesday recommended longer teaching days and academic years, teacher competency exams, more pre-kindergarten, district consolidations and the recruitment of top high school and college graduates as educators.

Many of the preliminary recommendations by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NY Education Reform Commission have been proposed before but have been blocked by politics or lack of funding, obstacles that still remain, Cuomo acknowledged.

Other ideas are already in place to some degree and should be expanded, commissioners said, including using schools to address health, mental health and other social needs.

“The problem New York confronts, we concluded, is how to replicate these examples of excellence in every school district in New York; how do we create a statewide system of public education that ensures that every child will have the opportunity to get an education that will enable them to achieve their true potential?” commission Chairman Richard Parsons wrote in delivering the panel’s interim report to Cuomo.

Read the whole thing. New York already spends more than any other state on education per student. If these proposals go through imagine how much more taxpayers will be paying.

The problem with education isn’t that the kids aren’t in school long enough, or the teachers unions don’t have enough power. No, it’s that the kids aren’t spending enough time at home with parents who care about them and are invested in their futures. No amount of government money or time spent in school is going to change the culture. If anyone on this commission really wanted to make a difference they’d be focusing on that, not throwing more money at a problem the state can’t solve.

Update: What really steams me is that these problems were all created by the left. Now the solution they’re throwing out their is to just throw more taxpayer money at the problems, and expecting parents to sit back and give them more control over our children. In a sane world, the media would be sounding the alarm. But in this crazy insane world we live in they just report this like it’s another great idea from a Democrat administration.