New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Is The Tyrant Who Wants To Replace Obama In 2016


NY Gov Andrew Cuomo The Tyrant

The commie fascist tyrants are already getting their ducks in a row for 2016. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo posed as a centrist during his first few years to mollify independents and centrists. Now he’s going full-on leftist in his hopes to shore up the liberal base leading into 2016.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden seem old now, just wait until how they look in four years. Who knows, maybe Hillary will spend her time under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Biden probably won’t have as much down time to recover from the procedures that give one the look of perpetual youth. But Cuomo, he’s a relative youngster, and will have his tenure ruling one of the biggest states in this union to give him some credibility. Too bad he’s a tyrant, just like the man he wants to replace.

“Gun violence has been on a rampage as we know firsthand and as we know painfully,” said the governor. “We must stop the madness, my friends. In one word it’s just ‘enough.’ It has been enough. We need a gun policy in this state that is reasonable, that is balanced, that is measured.”

The governor continued by saying his gun control proposals are not about “taking away people’s guns.”

As he has in the past, the governor tried to boost his credibility on the issue by emphasizing the fact he is a gun owner.

“We respect hunters and sportsmen. This is not taking away peoples’ guns,” Mr. Cuomo said. ”I own a gun. I own a Remington shotgun. I’ve hunted, I’ve shot. That’s not what this is about. It’s about ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles. That’s what this is about.”

To that end, the governor outlined the items on his seven-point gun plan.

Read the whole thing. Governor Cuomo is in dire need of a history lesson. The Second Amendment was never about the rights of hunters. It’s about protecting ourselves from despots like Cuomo, and the man he hopes to replace.

Oh, and Cuomo obviously isn’t familiar with the hunters in the northern part of the state he governs. Something tells me they aren’t about to take this lying down.