MSNBC Doctored Video To Make Gun Rights Advocates Appear To Heckle Grief Stricken Father


I’d say MSNBC sunk to an all new low, but this is pretty much par for the course with that outfit.

National and internationalmedia are up in arms today over the story of Neil Heslin, father of slain Sandy Hook student Jesse Lewis, being heckled yesterday during a Connecticut legislative meeting. During his testimony, in which he called for stricter gun control measures, Heslin was reportedly interrupted by shouts from Second Amendment activists: ….

Of course, outrage from the left ensued. Unfortunately, they’d been played.

Except no. Not really. MSNBC is propping up its story with a blatantly edited video. In fact, Heslin was not heckled. Gun rights advocates in the audience indeed voiced their support for the Second Amendment — after he asked why anyone would need “assault-style weapons or high-capacity clips.” You’d never know based on the MSNBC version, which completely cut out the footage of Heslin’s question.

Fortunately, Twitchy has obtained the full, unedited video, which you can view for yourself below (relevant portion starts at the 15-minute mark):

Click the link for the video and the rest of the story.

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