MA Governor Wants To Increase Taxes And Fees By One Billion Dollars


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only blue state governor in the news this week, but his big gun grab may be overshadowing his counterpart in Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick is seeking a whopping $1 billion in tax and fee increases so he can increase spending.

According to, Patrick listed possible revenue sources including:

  • Raising the gas tax from 21 cents to 51 cents per gallon
  • Raising the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 7.75 percent
  • Raising the state income tax to 5.66 percent from 5.25 percent
  • Levying a vehicle miles-traveled tax at 2.4 cents per mile
  • New, emissions-based vehicle title and registration fees could raise $175 million
  • A payroll tax on workers in regions with transit service could raise $140 million to $207 million

Patrick plans to name his preferences for raising revenue in his state of the state speech, Wednesday. (Read More)

Oh, that should help the MA economy.