Life Is Good Living On The Dole


The Sun interviewed a Lithuanian immigrant to the UK who is quite pleased to live her life on the public dole, and offers no apologies for sponging off the taxpayers.

Natalija Belova, 33, told The Sun how she spurns full-time work — yet can afford foreign holidays and buys designer clothes.

The Lithuanian said: “British benefits give me and my daughter a good life.”

She has milked soft-touch Britain for £50,000 in benefits and yesterday said: “I simply take what is given to me.”

Overjoyed Natalija told how she lives a life of luxury thanks to our “strange” system, declaring: “It’s important to have nice things and good holidays.”

The graduate, who became a single mum after she arrived here, rakes in more than £1,000 a month in handouts — £14,508 a year — to fund her love of designer clothes, jaunts to the Spanish sun and nightclubbing.

She bragged: “I have a lovely, fully-furnished flat and money to live properly on.

“There’s no chance we’re leaving. British benefits give me and my daughter a good life.” (Read More)

She did complain that the government does not provide her with a private nanny, as opposed to the public nursery school she doesn’t have to pay for. Oh, and she does work a maximum of 16 hours per week from home so she has cash to pay the minimum payments on her maxed out credit cards.

This is the model the progressives are following here in the US. Just think of President Obama’s Julia.