Ken Salazar The Latest To Announce Resignation


Ken Salazar, who had been found to be in contempt of court in 2010, is resigning from the Interior Department. Good riddance.

nterior Secretary Ken Salazar will step down from his position in President Obama’s Cabinet to spend time with his family on his ranch in Colorado, Fox News confirms.

The former U.S. senator plans to announce his resignation Wednesday, and is expected to stay on with the administration until the end of March.

Salazar can’t leave soon enough. Look at what he just did.

Like Interior Secretary Ken Salazar banning uranium mining for 20 years on 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon.

Naturally, Salazar said that it was environmental concerns that led to the ban. Uranium which is necessary for nuclear power, is currently being imported at a 90% clip by the United States. The 1 million acres in the ban zone is where we currently get about half of what we produce ourselves. (Read More)

How bad have things gotten when an appointed bureaucrat can ban production of an essential resource for twenty years without anyone in Congress even batting an eye. Good grief.