On the same day that outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced he was lifting the ban on women in combat, White House adviser Valeria Jarrett (aka Obama’s brain) tweeted “If there’s one thing we should agree on, it’s protecting women from violence.” She was referring to the Violence Against Women Act. I wonder if she gets the irony.

As a side note, I know some of you are veterans and I wonder what you think of women in combat. I’ve read all of the arguments for and against it, and I lean towards being against it, mostly out of concern for the women. There are already exceptions, and I suppose some exceptionally strong women who meet the same rigorous physical requirements of the men could be up to it. But even then, there are hygiene issues that even the strongest women among us still have to address. The workers’ compensation claims person in me says it’s a bad idea that could be quite costly. Physically and biologically men and women are not created equal. There’s no getting around it.