In The News: New Government Approved Light Bulbs Cause Skin Cancer


I told you about this in July of 2012, but it’s back in the news again. Those government approved fluorescent light bulbs that are approved by the government not only give off ugly light and are hazardous when broken, they may also cause cancer.

Money saving, compact fluorescent light bulbs emit high levels of ultra violet radiation, according to a new study. Research at Long Island’s Stony Brook found that the bulbs emit rays so strong that they can actually burn skin and skin cells.

“The results were that you could actually initiate cell death,” said Marcia Simon, a Professor of Dermatology.

Exposure to the bulbs could lead to premature aging and skin cancer, according to doctors.

“It can also cause skin cancer in the deadliest for, and that’s melanoma,” said Dr. Rebecca Tung.

In every bulb that researchers tested they found that the protective coating around the light creating ‘phosphor’ was cracked, allowing dangerous ultraviolet rays to escape.

Homeowners expressed concern over the effect that the bulbs could have on children.

Read the whole thing. They say that if you are using the squiggly CFL bulbs you should stay at least two feet away from them to reduce your risk of exposure. Or you can stock up on the safe incandescent bulbs while they are still available.

Via TownHall

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