Hugo Chavez Victim Of His Own Leftist Ideology


This is interesting. It looks like Hugo Chavez is the victim of his own leftist ideology. Apparently, his cancer was treatable and curable but he chose Cuba’s socialized medicine and now he won’t live long enough to enjoy the fruits of his revolution.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is dying of cancer in Havana, in a live demonstration of Cuba’s vaunted socialized medical care. He went there instead of Brazil because he wanted to make a political statement. What irony.

As party cronies hover at his bedside, Cuban officials bark orders to the government in Caracas, and red-shirted Chavistas hold vigils, all signs are pointing to an imminent exit for the Venezuelan leader who controls a huge part of the world’s oil.

He’s going out exactly as he wouldn’t have liked — helpless and at the mercy of doctors, a far cry from the blaze of heroic socialist glory he might have preferred.

Most galling for him: It didn’t have to happen this way.

His expected demise will be entirely due to his gullibility to leftist propaganda and bad choices that came of it. (Read More)

Socialized health care is great until you get sick.

Something tells me a guy like President Obama, who is also a true leftist believer, would never subject himself to the form of communist medicine that he wants to impose is imposing on all of us.

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