How The Government Is Making Your Cars Less Safe


The government is making our cars less safe. The Obama administration’s 52 mph fuel efficiency requirement is putting our families in danger as automakers are going to great lengths to reduce the weight of vehicles. They’ve made great strides with making engines and transmissions more fuel efficient, but it hasn’t been enough to meet the government’s requirements. So they’ve had to be extra resourceful which is why you’re seeing more plastics and lightweight materials in auto bodies.

It is a simple matter of physics: It takes less energy to propel a lighter object at a particular speed than a heavier object. You may wonder why so many vehicles suddenly stopped carrying a real spare tire years ago, or why there is so much plastic in vehicles today. Wonder no more: It was for weight reduction.

This is not a new trend; weight-reduction efforts have been ongoing since Jimmy Carter was in office. And they are not aimed just at larger vehicles. The Toyota Prius is slated to shed 500 pounds.

But less weight is a good thing, isn’t it? Well, not always. Why does professional boxing have weight categories that place athletes in competition with others the same size? Why is the NFL so concerned about the head injuries that seem to be happening with more and more frequency as players get bigger and faster?

Because size matters — and we all know it. Take this simple test. Imagine a head-on collision on a two-lane country road at a speed of 40 mph. One of the cars involved is a Cadillac Escalade and the other a Chevy Volt. Which would you want to be in? Which would you want your child in?

In a Cadillac minute, you would choose the Escalade. Because you don’t need to be an automotive engineer to know the big car will crush the small car. The driver in that little car will in all probability be severely injured, maybe killed. You, the driver in the Escalade, may walk away unharmed, or with only minor injuries.

Read the whole thing. It’s not surprising that the government would put us in danger to achieve their goals.For the central planners it’s probably a feature, not a bug, of their designs. They’re giving CAFE credits to automakers who use flammable coolants, they give out subsidies for flammable cars, and the high ethanol they’re demanding in gasoline can ruin our vehicles. Obviously, they aren’t looking out for our well being.

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