How Cozy – Former Senator Ben Nelson Now Heads National Association Of Insurance Commissioners


Former Senator Ben Nelson helped to craft the dreaded Obamacare and Dodd-Frank laws, both of which greatly increased insurance regulations in the United States. Now that he’s a private citizen he’s landed a plum job chairing the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Don’t you love the way these lawmakers do things? They pass rotten legislation, then turn around and land lucrative jobs helping the laws’ targets navigate all of the new regulations.

Ben Nelson, as a Senator, provided crucial support for both of these bills.

So, Nelson, as a Senator, worked to make himself more valuable to these industries by increasing regulations and subsidies for them.

This is one reason moderates have the quickest track to K Street. Their economic vision is generally both pro-business and pro-government. Whatever effect this has on business and the economy, it makes lots of work for lobbyists.

Like Democratic moderate Evan Bayh before him, Nelson is taking two K Street jobs. In addition to the NAIC, Nelson will be a “senior partner” at public affairs firm Agenda.