Hey Dummies, Obama Is Everything You Hated About Bush On Steroids!


At this point I just have to laugh when I see the polls. President Obama has higher ratings than George W. Bush, even though most Americans see the best of times behind us. Thanks to the media there’s been a national disconnect with reality. Bush had his faults, don’t get me wrong, but all of those faults Obama doubled down on, with nary a peep from the press.

Big spending? Well, Obama has certainly trumped that. Over six trillion has been added to the national debt in the past four years. He’s light years ahead of Bush and he hasn’t even begun his second term. War? Obama loves war. We’ve lost more Americans under his “leadership” in Afghanistan than we did under Bush, but again, the media is oddly silent. At least Bush didn’t lead from behind or from a position of weakness. Weakness is Obama’s trademark.Why else would douchebags in Yemen be threatening our ambassador’s life? Because they know they can, that’s why! Oh, except for the way Obama uses drones as his own little video game system, where he blows up terrorists rather than capture and interrogate them. Drones are also being used here at home, but we aren’t hearing too much about that.

Bush was slammed for the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina while the local and state government’s failures were give a complete pass. Today the people of New York and New Jersey are caught up in FEMA’s red tape, yet how many reporters have you seen documenting the devastation there? None? Oh yes, they’re too busy getting caught up in the hysteria of RINO lawmakers. Suddenly they’re all about the federal government printing or borrowing more money to bail them out.

But at least Bush cut taxes for all Americans, even if he failed to even threaten to wield his veto pen on spending until it was too late when the really big spenders took over. That’s when government spending and debt were a bad thing. Now that Obama is in power and has  nearly doubled both we’re supposed to look away. Nothing to see here!

What would be really nice is if Bush would come out and vociferously defend his own record. It may not have looked too great four years ago, but in comparison to Obama it’s looking better and better. Especially considering how even more studies are showing that the 2008 financial crisis was manufactured by the left. Oh well, at least he has guys like Victor Davis Hanson willing to do the heavy lifting for him. Unfortunately, nobody in the mainstream media will pick up on it.

I think I’m more mad at Bush for failing to defend his record than I am at anything he did as president. And he did plenty of things to make me mad.  But wouldn’t it be nice to go back to 2005 or 2006 when most Americans who wanted jobs could find jobs? When food stamp usage didn’t reach new record highs every month? Bush has his faults, that’s for sure, but at least he wasn’t trying to fundamentally transform America into some unrecognizable socialist state.

But we can’t go back. We can only go forward – as the Obama campaign constantly reminded us – into the abyss of big government and its massive price tag.

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