Fracking Update: Matt Damon Fail, Reduced Greenhouse Gases, New York’s Hidden Report


Fracking, the process used to extract natural gas from the ground in places like the Marcellus Shale, is back in the news. Last week it was revealed that the state of New York has been sitting on a report finding fracking is safe for over a year.

A report favoring fracking that was buried for nearly a year was given to the New York Times yesterday by a whistleblower who “did not believe it should be kept secret,” according to Danny Hakim. The eight-page analysis summarizes “previous research [done] by the state and others, and concludes that fracking can be done safely.”

Shhh, don’t tell the enviro-nuts. It doesn’t fit the narrative. Neither does this news out of Pennsylvania.

Instapundit points to this bit of happy news culled from John Hanger, a Democrat who is running for governonr of Pennsylvania, where has been secretary of the state department of the environment and a commissioner of the public utility commission:

U.S. energy related carbon emissions in 2012 will fall below 5,300 million tons or down about 12%, compared to the peak emissions of 6,023 million tons in 2007. Through this September, carbon emissions have been down every month in 2012, when compared to each of the first 9 months of 2011 and 2010. No other country matches that record.

U.S. GDP has grown every quarter since July 1, 2009, and today our economy is bigger than it was in 2007, the peak carbon emission year. Yet, even with an economy in 2012 that is bigger than in 2007, our carbon emissions will be 12% lower than they were in 2007…

Only the USA has had a shale gas boom and only the USA has cut substantially its carbon emissions since 2006… the shale gas boom substantially decreased US carbon emissions. Moreover, US electricity prices in 2012 have barely increased and natural gas prices have plummeted.

Hanger further notes that the U.S. is at around 1995 levels for energy-related carbon emissions. And note that lower emissions aren’t simply an artifact of the rotten economy (which however bad it is is larger than in 2007). (Read More)

Oops! Don’t tell Matt Damon. We wouldn’t want to embarrass him now that his new movie “The Promised Land” is out. Oh wait, it’s too late.

Matt Damon wanted to do a hit piece on fracking, the process by which natural gas is extracted from shale deposits deep in the ground. This would be a film promoting all the usual Hollywood eco-hysteria: Fracking will reduce your idyllic farm to a barren wasteland, poison your water and make blood spurt out of your ears. The film is about a “Promised Land,” like God’s gift to the Israelites of a land of milk and honey, which is threatened with utter destruction by the evil, greedy oil companies.

The funniest thing about the movie is, all the evidence Mr. Damon planned to use against fracking imploded. First Hollywood celebrities trooped to little Dimock, Pa., to bring fresh water to the 11 families who blamed fracking for polluting their wells, and then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported their accusations were without merit. This was very bad news for Matt, since Dimock was the inspiration for his film, which is also set in Pennsylvania. Investigation of the wells had found some naturally occurring contaminants, but the regulators concluded, “There are not levels of contaminants present that would require additional action by the Agency.”

Mr. Damon may also have run across the alarming statement by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who said after various EPA investigations, “In no case have we made a definitive determination that hydraulic fracturing has caused chemicals to enter groundwater.” Former EPA Administrator Carol Browner said the same thing years ago.

Did the evidence that fracking isn’t toxic to groundwater deter intrepid eco-apparatchik Mr. Damon from his appointed task? Of course not. (Read More)

Oh, and guess who funded Damon’s film, it was the oil-rich United Arab Emerites! They don’t want the competition from natural gas.

In related news, Phelim McAleer’s FrackNation premiers on on January 22. That film was not funded by the UAE and tells the truth about fracking.