Finally, Hillary Clinton Will Be Questioned About Benghazi – Updated – Hillary Speaks


It’s about time. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will finally talk to Congress about the terrorist attack on our consulate Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including a US Ambassador. She’s going to have a lot to answer for.

Congressional investigators have pieced together a series of decisions that led State Department officials to inexplicably draw down security in Libya last year even as threats and attacks against Western diplomats were rising in the violent, chaotic city of Benghazi where America’s ambassador was killed last Sept. 11.

The investigators have determined that between May and September, the department reduced the number of Mobile Security Deployment teams from three to one, thinning the potential U.S. security officers available to protect diplomats by at least twelve, the Washington Guardian has learned.

In addition, the lone remaining six-member Mobile Security Team in Libya at the time Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed was detailed primarily to training Libyan security officials rather than providing force protection to U.S. officials, the sources told the Washington Guardian.

Read the whole thing. Ambassador Stevens sent Clinton a cable on the morning of the attack outlining how perilous the security situation had become, so it isn’t like nobody in the administration was aware of what was happening. But that didn’t stop them from blaming the attack on an obscure film and jailing the filmmaker. Hopefully Clinton won’t invoke the “sloppiness” defense.

Then there are questions about who supplied the arms to the attackers, and other allegations, that I doubt will be answered today.

Update: I missed most of the hearing because of work, but there are already plenty of headlines, and there was plenty of drama. Via Drudge:

Video of her opening statement can be found here.