Figures – Obama’s Gun Actions To Cost Billions


After releasing letters from children pleading for more gun control, President Obama came out and signed his 23 executive actions. These actions will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, because he can’t seem to do anything that isn’t costly. (And ineffective.)

President Obama and Vice President Biden revealed their proposed reforms intended to reduce firearms related violence.

The proposal contains a mix of executive actions, regulations, and calls for Congress to act legislatively. The total package will cost at least $4.5 billion in new spending. (Read More)

They barely addressed the violence portrayed in movies, television shows and video games. They wouldn’t want to upset their liberal pals in Hollywood. Oh, and he also didn’t instruct his Attorney General to prevent agencies from allowing assault weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartels. Maybe that was implied.

Update: I almost forgot to mention how one of his plans is to have doctors act as gun investigators. So not only will they essentially work for the state thanks to Obamacare, they’re now being asked to become police of the state.