Feminist Movement = Marxist Movement


Feminists would have us all believe that the movement that took hold in the 1960’s is all about the rights of women. Who can be against making women’s lives better, right? The problem is, it was just another vehicle to advance communism.

Understanding feminism requires a critical study of the movement’s history that few people are willing to undertake, which is why the roots and development of “Women’s Liberation” (as the movement called itself in the late 1960s and early ’70s) are so widely misunderstood.

Intellectual inertia, a willingness to accept conventional wisdom without scrutiny, thus serves to foster the deception by which feminists present themselves as speaking on behalf of all women, dishonestly denying their origins and ideological affinity as a movement of the radical Left. …

Meanwhile, a reader calls my attention to something Dr. Helen Smith noted last month: One of England’s pioneering feminists, Erin Pizzey, gave an interview to Dean Esmay in which she described how she recognized the Marxist nature of the movement at its inception…

Read the whole thing, then read the communist goals of the 1960’s if you haven’t already.