Electoral College Proposals Have Lefties’ Knickers In A Twist


So, what has the lefties’ knickers in a twist this week? Proposals in a few states to change the way electoral college votes are awarded. Rather than winner-take-all systems, a few key states, including Virginia and Pennsylvania, are looking to award electoral college votes based on congressional district. That would mean that the big cities won’t always be able to wipe out the votes of the everyone else in those states.

The beauty in these plans is that they’re constitutional, and they could make it more difficult for radical leftists like President Obama to win elections in the future. Law professor William Jacobson explains:

Award by congressional district is in use in two states, has been proposed many times before elsewhere, and still requires presidential candidates to win elections in congressional districts.  It may favor Republicans, or it may not, depending on the state and the presidential candidate.  Awarding electoral votes by district may have a positive impact of forcing candidates to campaign outside the large cities and bring a more geographically diverse electorate into the voting booth for them.

To equate it to cheating is constitutionally ignorant.  I also reject the methodology of looking back at the last election in which the system was not in place and forecasting future results.  The fact is we don’t know what the results would have been if the candidates had to alter their campaign strategies under a district-based formula. ….

Oh, TPM and Think Progress are only concerned with fairness, right?  And Balloon Juice and Maddow Blog? If they are against it, it’s almost certainly good for the nation.

If the shoe were on the other foot we know what the result would be.  They like the current system — which is not constitutionally required — because it helps them.

The push and pull of redistricting as a result of state-level elections is part of the process, and if it impacts the Electoral College, so be it.

Read the whole thing. The progressives keep forgetting that the United States is not a pure democracy. It’s a constitutional republic, and the states are free to award their EC votes any way they see fit.

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