Doctors Not Required To Ask Patients About Gun Ownership


President Obama would like to turn our doctors’ offices into police stations, and has stressed that Obamacare does not prohibit medical practitioners from asking patients about guns in their homes. What he did not stress is that there is no requirement for doctors to do so, and that if your doctor asks you about your guns you can tell him (or her) to mind his own business.

Through Executive Order No. 16, Barack Obama directed the clarification that Doctors are not prohibited from asking a patient about firearms and their safe storage, or about threats of violence or mental instability. In other words, ObamaCare does not prohibit any of the above. It also does not “regulate” any of the above. What is not said is that there is nothing to keep the patient from telling his/her physician to mind his/her own business. (Read More)

I’ve never been asked if we have guns in the home, but my kids are asked every year during their annual check ups. They’re also asked what fruits and vegetables they like, how much exercise they get and if they eat junk food. I suppose if they were obese or diabetic those questions might be relevant, but they’re both healthy and fit, so why the intrusion?

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